Placement Test

This online placement test will give you an approximate indication of your English proficiency level. You can use the result to help you choose the right course for your English language skills.

About the placement test

25 multiple choice questions
10 – 20 minutes

This test is designed to test your understanding of English grammar, vocabulary, and phrasing. Every question is multiple choice, with only one correct answer out fo three options.

Please read the questions carefully and choose the answer you believe is correct. At the end of the test, you will receive a grade corresponding to your current English CEFR level.


Test your English skills by picking the correct answers.


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Fill In The Gap

Choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentence.
1. The baby boy saw ... in the mirror and started to cry.
2. A lot of trains ... late today due to the heavy storms.
3. ... was a strong wind last night.
4. Firstly, I want to congratulate you all. Secondly, I would like to wish you good luck, and ... I hope you have enjoyed the course.
5. You ... clean your teeth twice a day to avoid having problems.
6. The children thought they were ... when they saw the bull.
7. Jack: I think it’s going to rain.
Jill: I ... , the clouds are clearing.
Jack: We’ll soon see.
8. I really don’t like this meal. ... money in the world wouldn’t get me to eat it.
9. Last year, Joanna bought two ... coats in New York.
10. I must report to the meeting that Cyrus completed his first piece of work well ahead of schedule. ..., however, his work has been handed in late.
11. That’s very good of you but you ... have paid me back until tomorrow.
12. I ... intending to stop smoking even before I got this bad cough.
13. Anne: Oh! I watched the new TV show last night.
Jo: Was it any good?
Anne: Yes. ... the TV set is so old I could see very little.
14. She hit her ... while she was playing football.
15. The ... went to the police.
16. It was bad but it was not a ... .